Mobile Development

A complete framework that makes iOS app development easier by providing lots of commonly used components and a theming engine for customising..

What is this
course about ?

Smartphones have seized the world of users to access the internet on the go !. Hence , Opportunities have grown to create more mobile friendly applications & websites. We have initiated courses related to this TECHNOLOGY especially for them who wants to exploit the possibilities existing in this platform.

Currently we offer 3 major mobile platforms :

– iOS
– Android
– Hybrid

iOS: iOS is the most exciting & rewarding development platform. With the launch of new versions in short intervals by its parent company Apple there is a great necessity to have more Developers who are experts in iPhone applications.
By using Software Development Kit, it is easy to create any app & one can publish their app on Apple Application store. But needs to be careful of certain rules laid down by the Apple in order to run them. For this, One need proper training in this field to become an expert.

Android – Android is the closest competitor of iOS. Gradually, More mobile/tablet device manufacturers are switching to Android. Every small scale & big scale business depends upon android related apps they come from different domains like Health, Travel , Shopping , Banking etc., . This course is designed in order to make one understand the google android framework & platform.

Hybrid: This course focuses on creating multi platform applications by using Html ,CSS , & javascript. It involves ionic framework , one of the fastest growing mobile application frameworks.

What you will learn .

– Develop innovative applications targeting multiple platforms
– Learn programming languages like HTML , JScript , CSS , Objective-C & VB .Net.
– Migrate and adapt existing web applications to the leading mobile platforms
– Can implement application programming interfaces (APIs) to support mobile functionality.
– How to test and debug an app


  • MODULE 1 – C Programming
    Basics of c programming, Operators, Control Statements, Loops, Working with Basic C Programs, Arrays and Functions, Pointers and Structures…
  • MODULE 2 – Objective Oriented Programming
    OOPS Concepts, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction and Static versus NonStatic…
  • MODULE 3 – Objective-C Introduction
    Basics of Objective-C, Variable Declaration, Define classes, Messages passing and Properties
  • MODULE 4 – Swift Introduction
    Basics of Swift, Define Classes, Variable Declaration, Methods and Properties
  • MODULE 5 – IDE – XCode
    How to use XCode, iOS SDK, Create a New Project, Build and Run, Manage Project Resource, Developer Tools
  • MODULE 6 – iOS Programming Introduction
    iOS SDK, Application Life Cycle , Application States, Application Overview.
  • MODULE 7 – Foundation Kit
    Working With Strings, Working with Collection classes – NSArray, NSDictionary, Working with Files and Data, Working with Dates, Protocols, Categories and Notifications.
  • MODULE 8 – Memory Management
    ARC and AutoRelease Pool.
  • MODULE 9 – User Interface
    UIWindow, UIView, UILabel, UITextField, UITextView, UITableView,UIWebView,UICollectionView, UIDatePicker , UIPickerView, UISwitch, UIWebView.
  • MODULE 10 – ViewControllers
    UIViewController, Navigation with UINavigationController, Pagination with UIPageViewController, Tab Management with UITabBarController
  • MODULE 11 – Touch Events
    Low level touch events, Gesture Recognisers and Touch Hierarchy
  • MODULE 12 – Web Services Integration and Data Handling
    Networking (Server Communication) , Reachability and XML / JSON parser
  • MODULE 13 – Location Management
    Location Services and Map Kit Integration
  • MODULE 14 – Local and Remote Notifications
    Local Notifications and Push Notifications
  • MODULE 15 – Custom Drawing
    Working with Contexts, Drawing Shapes, Drawing Gradients
  • MODULE 16 – Data Persistence
    Data Storage with SQLite Database and Data Storage with Core Data
  • MODULE 17 – Developer Tools Usage
    Debugging , Memory and CPU Usage and Analyze
  • MODULE 18 – Distribution of the app
    Understanding Apple Developer Account Program, Distribution of the application and Submitting the App Store.


  • Who can sign up for this course ?

    Knowledge of programming languages

    Degree in Software Engineering , Mobile Application Development , Mobile Computing , Computer Science

    Should understand the basics of UI design and also the basics of application design, development and testing.

  • Career Options

    Most popular industries hiring video game studios, advertising and marketing firms that aim to build branded application for clients.

    Mobile Phone manufacturers

    E-marketing companies

    Digital Marketing companies

    Service Providers

  • How are the courses taught ?

    Over 10 years Real-Time experienced Faculty

    Provides Class room & Online sessions

    Project/Lab based training

    Structured learning with live projects from day one.

    Internships are also available while pursuing College degree

    100% placement assistance

    Weekly assessments.

    State of the art class rooms.

    Personality development program to face interviews easily.